The company has introduced 6S management tools

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In order to produce high quality products and meet customer requirements, we imported 16 fully automatic PP, PE corrugated sheets extrusion production lines that are the most advanced machines domestically, which adopt distinctive screw design, adjustable choke block and special temperature control system to fully ensure stable plasticization performance and extrusion efficiency.

In order to improve the management system of the management company, the company has introduced 6S management tools. Making good use of 6S management can rationalize the system, efficiency, quality, safety and inventory. It is a specific medicine to improve factory management. 5S takes "human face" as the starting point and changes from authoritative leadership management to humanized independent management. Create an efficient workplace, make the factory look new, and cultivate the unique corporate culture of the factory.

Through 6S, we can provide a comfortable working environment, avoid human errors, improve product quality, make every employee have quality awareness, and prevent defective products from flowing to the same process. Reduce the failure rate of equipment through 6S, reduce the waste of various resources and reduce the cost. Through the standardization and normalization of 6S work, the items are placed in an orderly manner, reducing the search time and improving work efficiency. The 6S workplace and environment have been improved, and the safety awareness of employees has been strengthened, which can reduce the probability of safety accidents.

Through 6S, the quality of employees is improved, and a self-discipline work habit is cultivated. People change the environment, and the environment changes people's thinking concept. 6S education is carried out for employees to form a team spirit. Do not do small things, and do not do big things. Through 6S to improve bad habits in all links, the internal and external environment of the enterprise has been improved, and the enterprise brand image has been enhanced.

Post time: Jul-05-2022