Hot Selling Correx PP Corrugated Pizza Boxes

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Hot Selling Correx PP Corrugated Pizza Boxes

1. Material: PP

2. Thickness: 2-12 mm

3. Custom colors, size, shape

4. Options: corona and UV treatment, anti-static

5. Certificate: ISO 9001, SGS

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The main use for custom  plastic boxes is as re-usable, returnable containers. We can produce all the varies boxes, dividers, pads, packaging material.

Manufactured from 2-12MM 100% Virgin White Polypropylene. Produced and Manufactured in China

Pizza Boxes are manufactured with double wall sides and double wall bottom for extra strength and durability.

Pizza Boxes are water, moisture, heat and weather resistant.

Pizza Boxes are shipped flat and assembly required. No glue, adhesive or tools needed for assembly.Assembles in seconds. Lays flat for easy storage.

Corrugated Plastic pizza Boxes lightweight, Recyclable, waterproof, anti-corrosion and non-toxic, so it can be recycled use multiple times. Foldable design makes it useless to place for delivery easily. It is the right material to replace paper cartons/cardboard boxes. We also can do custom screen printing with your logo for branding and other details too.

Motorcycle correx delivery box scooter pizza food delivery stand top box. Collapsible correx packing box is made of the corrugated plastic sheets.

As the corrugated plastic sheets have many tradenames, so the collapsible correx packing box also can be called Coroplast box, Corflute box, Cartonplast box, Polyflute box, FlutePlast box, IntePro box, Proplex box, Correx box, Twinplast box or Corriflute box. PP corrugated sheet ("Fluted Polypropylene Sheet"), is lightweight (hollow structure), non-toxic, waterproof, shockproof, long-lasting material that resists corrosion. As the hollow structure, corrugated plastic box is lightweight, cheap and easy to carry & assemble. Compared with the paper material box, corrugated plastic box can be durable, waterproof, colorfast and larger load bearing capacity.
As the customer need, our corrugated plastic box can be anti-static, anti-UV or flame-retardant.

Pizza style boxes can also be printed on both the outer and inner surfaces. Whilst external print can allow for branding and effectively free advertising throughout the delivery network, it can also sometimes attract unwanted attention (e.g. advertising the contents as being of high value). Internal print by contrast will only be seen by the recipient, but allows for improved presentation / unboxing experience.

These correx pizza delivery box aid safe storage and delivery of the packed items from source to destination. You can custom shape, size, thickness, weight, color and printing.

These boxes are manufactured from different grades and colours of Correx sheets. The most popular grades are 4mmx650 and 1000 grams. We also manufacture hard High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic boxes with hinged lid and lockable catches (the Royal Mail Post Office have used these boxes). The main user of this box is Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, and other small Pizza outlets. We can print your logos on side panels and logo with L plate on back panel. We also manufacture a six partition Indian box. This ensures the food stays upright when delivering the meal.

They are also used for fast food outlets.


1. Impervious to moisture.

2. Mildew and chemical resistant.

3. Recyclable food grade polypropylene.

4. Extremely durable.

5. Easily collapsible for storing.

6. Insulated plastic keeps produce fresher.

7. Reusable and returnable.

8. Short two year payback period compared with wax coated produce boxes, reducing costs for all uses starting in year three.

9. Lightweight for ease of use.

10. Hydrocool directly in boxes.

11. Soft, twin-wall plastic cushions to prevent bruising.

12. Decreases product damage better than corrugated paper.

13. Maintains near new appearance for years.

14. 100% recyclable & environmentally friendly.


1. Divider/Partitions Boxes.

2. Material Packaging Box.

3. Corrugated plastic boxes for pizza, food delivery.

4. Plastic handles corrugated boxes.

5. Folding corrugated plastic reusable box.

6. Available in many colors.

PP CORRUGATED PALSTIC material is ideal for single-use or multi-use applications in the agriculture industry. Safe food handling and storage are our number one considerations when providing our corrugate bins and totes for our customers, and the PP corrugated plastic sustainable produce packaging delivers your product fresh from the farm in ideal conditions every time.

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