Durable Customized Corrugated Plastic Seafood Boxes

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Durable Customized Corrugated Plastic Seafood Boxes

1. Material: PP

2. Thickness: 2-12 mm

3. Custom colors, size, shape

4. Options: corona and UV treatment, anti-static

5. Certificate: ISO 9001, SGS

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The main use for custom  plastic boxes is as re-usable, returnable containers. We can produce all the varies boxes, dividers, pads, packaging material.

Manufactured from 2-12MM 100% Virgin White Polypropylene. Produced and Manufactured in China

Seafood Boxes are manufactured with double wall sides and double wall bottom for extra strength and durability.

Seafood Boxes are water, moisture, heat and weather resistant.

Seafood Boxes are shipped flat and assembly required. No glue, adhesive or tools needed for assembly.Assembles in seconds. Lays flat for easy storage.

Corrugated Plastic Seafood Boxes lightweight, Recyclable, waterproof, anti-corrosion and non-toxic, so it can be recycled use multiple times. Foldable design makes it useless to place for delivery easily. It is the right material to replace paper cartons/cardboard boxes. We also can do custom screen printing with your logo for branding and other details too.

Why Choose Us

We are the manufacturer and supplier that offers a cost effective, completely recyclable alternative to the seafood shipping standards that have been used in the fishing industry for years.

We have proven solutions for shipping seafood that replace Styrofoam and waxed corrugated boxes. Our fish boxes were developed and are produced in China.

Companies that choose to use our boxes should realize efficiencies immediately in a number of ways:
● Space Savings: Our boxes are delivered flat and take up about 85% less space than unpacked foam boxes.
● More Product Per Pallet: The outer dimension of our box is smaller than foam and designed to hold the same amount of product allowing for space savings and shipping efficiencies of approximately 20 – 30%.
● Durability: Corrugated plastic boxes will bend, not break … our customers will have the benefit of no bead contamination from foam.
● Hygienic: Our boxes are safe for direct food contact that reduces the potential for bacterial contamination.
● 100% Recyclable: Corrugated plastic boxes are PP recyclable, thus reducing the disposal cost for customers.

Corrugated polypropylene material achieves temperature faster, improving product quality and shelf life.

Our standard leakproof corrugated plastic boxes range from 2kgs to 20kgs. Custom package designs are available as well.

Our leakproof box base has a ‘fold-over-end’ design making it completely watertight and simple to assemble. You can be sure your product will reach its destination in good condition by the fastest means available, without leakage.

Popular with retail customers interested in reducing their waste disposal costs and supporting their "Green" initiative.

● 100% Recyclable, eco friendly packaging
● Designed for applications where draining is desired
● Shipped completely flat for delivery & storage​ efficiencies
● Inert material; chemical & stain resistant
● Up to 50% more boxes per pallet when compared to EPS foam
● Thermally insulated walls
● Lightweight & hygienic
● Excellent UV quality print
● Easy erect pop up design for box and lid
● Designed with locking tabs for stacking stability


1. Impervious to moisture.

2. Mildew and chemical resistant.

3. Recyclable food grade polypropylene.

4. Extremely durable.

5. Easily collapsible for storing.

6. Insulated plastic keeps produce fresher.

7. Reusable and returnable.

8. Short two year payback period compared with wax coated produce boxes, reducing costs for all uses starting in year three.

9. Lightweight for ease of use.

10. Hydrocool directly in boxes.

11. Soft, twin-wall plastic cushions to prevent bruising.

12. Decreases product damage better than corrugated paper.

13. Maintains near new appearance for years.

14. 100% recyclable & environmentally friendly.


1. Divider/Partitions Boxes.

2. Material Packaging Box.

3. Corrugated plastic boxes for fish, shrimp or other seafood.

4. Plastic handles corrugated boxes.

5. Folding corrugated plastic reusable box.

6. Available in many colors.

PP CORRUGATED PALSTIC material is ideal for single-use or multi-use applications in the agriculture industry. Safe food handling and storage are our number one considerations when providing our corrugate bins and totes for our customers, and the PP corrugated plastic sustainable produce packaging delivers your product fresh from the farm in ideal conditions every time.

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